ACDL-NJ Installation of Officers and Trustees, May 3, 2018

Post date: Jun 7, 2018 3:24:25 PM

ACDL-NJ Officers are sworn in.  L to R: ACDL-NJ Vice President Aidan P. O'Connor; Vice President Linda D. Foster; President-Elect John A. Azzarello; President Sharon Bittner Kean; Vice President Mark H. Friedman; Secretary/Treasurer Matthew S. Adams

ACDL-NJ President Sharon Bittner Kean

ACDL-NJ Past and Current Presidents: Donald DiGoia (2009-10); Joseph A. Hayden, Jr. (1985-86); Robert S. Bonney, Jr. (2005-06); Sharon Bittner Kean (2018-19); Brian J. Neary (1997-98)

Sharon Bittner Kean and 2018 Whipple Award Recipient (and ACDL-NJ Past President) Miles Feinstein

ACDL-NJ Past President Michael Baldassare, Miles Feinstein, ACDL-NJ Trustee Jennifer Mara

ACDL-NJ Trustee Michael P. Koribanics and Miles Feinstein