Amicus Representation

The ACDL-NJ, through its Amicus Committee, has appeared as amicus curiae ("friend of the court") in nearly every significant criminal case in the New Jersey Supreme Court and the New Jersey Appellate Division, to take positions o­n issues of fundamental importance to the Constitutional rights of criminal defendants. The committee’s work has been highly respected by the legal community, with the New Jersey Supreme Court specifically requesting submission of amicus positions from the ACDL-NJ o­n cases pending before the Court. The ACDL-NJ has filed briefs o­n issues of enormous significance to criminal defendants, including the death penalty, search and seizure, attorney-client confidentiality, forfeiture, and jury instructions. Amicus Committee members have also publicly commented o­n proposed changes to the New Jersey Court Rules and to administrative regulations.

Below are amicus briefs filed by the ACDL-NJ (in reverse chronological order). View the chart (with sortable columns) in a new window here. Video of the oral arguments in New Jersey Supreme Court cases can be found here (and older arguments since 2005 here). New Jersey Supreme Court appeals can be tracked here.