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ACDL-NJ Brief Bank and Listserv

The ACDL-NJ Brief Bank and the ACDL-NJ's award-winning Listserv are useful resources for New Jersey criminal defense attorneys, available exclusively to ACDL-NJ members. You may apply to become a member here. Upon joining, ACDL-NJ members are added to the listserv and are able to circulate questions to the listserv by sending email to without doing anything further. Members only need follow the directions below if they want to (a) access the Brief Bank, (b) browse/search archived listserv messages, or (c) respond to listserv messages via the website rather than by email (e.g. for those who receive a digest/summary email).


1.     Verify that you are a current ACDL-NJ member by checking that you are listed on the Member Roster. (If you are not, contact

2.     Go to Click on "Use my current email address instead."  Enter the email address listed for you on the Member Roster.

PLEASE NOTE: You must create a new Google account using the email listed for you on the Member Roster. You cannot login to the Brief Bank or Listserv using an existing/personal Gmail address (unless that Gmail address is the email listed for you on the Member Roster). This is because the Listserv and Brief Bank are Google resources "shared" only with the email addresses on the Member Roster.

3.     Complete the form to create a new Google account using the email listed for you on the Member Roster, and then follow Google's instructions. (You will have to verify your new Google account by clicking on a link in an e-mail from Google, and sign out of all other Google accounts, before you can sign in to the Brief Bank/Listserv archive.)

4.     Use your new Google account (i.e., the email listed for you on the Member Roster and the password for the new Google account you created with that email address) to sign in to the ACDL-NJ Brief Bank or ACDL-NJ Listserv archive below. If you get a message that you do not have access when you try to log in, click on the link to ask to join the group, and you should be able to log in once the ACDL-NJ administrator approves your join request. Email with any questions.