The Education and Seminars Committee of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has as its primary goal the presentation of continuing legal education programs related to criminal law. Each January, ACDL-NJ through this Committee, co-sponsors the “Criminal Justice Act Training Panel Seminar” with the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education. This program goes a long way toward satisfying the annual continuing legal education requirements for CJA panel members in addition to providing a comprehensive general update for federal criminal practitioners. The Education and Seminars Committee annually sponsors the “Super Saturday” seminar that concentrates on leading topics of importance to criminal defense practitioners. The Committee also co-sponsors programs with ICLE throughout the year o­n broader topics which have included expert testimony, evidence and trial strategies. The Education and Seminars Committee also involves itself in presenting smaller, localized seminars in various areas of the state. The Committee views continuing legal education as a necessary adjunct to effective trial advocacy and will continue to promote programs and seminars. Many ACDL officers and trustees participate frequently in these presentations. Any member desirous of participating in a seminar or proposing topics is encouraged to contact the Committee.

Michael A. Baldassare (Co-Chair)
Christopher D. Adams (Co-Chair)
Leslie Stolbof Sinemus
Michael Noriega
Joseph J. Russo
Howard W. Bailey
Roy B. Greenman
Leah Morris


John Azzarello (Co-Chair)
David Oakley (Co-Chair)
Michael Noriega
Howard W. Bailey
Sharon Bittner Kean
Ricardo Solano
Daniel V. Gautieri


This committee is responsible for taking amicus positions o­n issues of fundamental importance to the constitutional rights of criminal defendants. The committee’s work has been highly respected by the legal community, with the New Jersey Supreme Court specifically requesting submission of amicus positions from the committee o­n cases pending before the Court. The committee has filed briefs o­n issues of enormous significance to criminal defendants, including the death penalty, search and seizure, attorney-client confidentiality, forfeiture, and jury instructions. The committee’s members have also publicly commented o­n proposed changes to the New Jersey Court Rules and to administrative regulations.

Jeffrey Mandel (Co-Chair)
Leslie Stolbof Sinemus (Co-Chair)
Mark Friedman 
Aidan P. O'Connor 
Daniel V. Gautieri


The purpose and goals of the Lawyers' Assistance Committee are to provide support and to be available to any criminal defense attorney in the State of New Jersey who finds themselves accused of any wrongdoing, criminal activity, ethical violation or contemptuous conduct arising out of his or her representation of a criminal defendant. The Committee is to lend legal assistance, legal research, counsel, and support in any Court whether it be Municipal, Superior or Federal Courts, to those criminal defense lawyers who, through their concern, compassion, and zeal find themselves being singled out for punishment, criticism or retribution by the very system which we seek to represent and protect. A call brings forth to that criminal defense lawyer some of the best legal talent in the state to their aid.

John A. Azzarello (Co-Chair)
Christopher D. Adams (Co-Chair)
Leigh-Anne Mulrey
Leslie Stolbof Sinemus
Roy B. Greenman
Gina Mendola Longarzo
John J. O'Reilly
Michael N. Pedicini


Historically o­ne of the Association’s most important committees, the Legislation Committee is responsible for monitoring new legislation, and evaluating and publicly commenting o­n such legislation. The committee members also publicly comment upon proposed changes to New Jersey Court Rules and o­n changes to administrative regulations. In the past, comments of our members have led to reconsideration of proposed laws and regulations, and of heightened awareness of the judiciary to potential deficiencies in newly enacted legislation.

Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor (Co-Chair)
Mary Francis Palisano (Co-Chair)
Susan C. Green
Lois A. DeJulio
John J. O'Reilly


The By-Laws Committee was established in 1998. The initial mission of the Committee was to conduct a comprehensive review of the organization’s By-Laws to see what, if any, revisions were appropriate. The By-Laws had not been reviewed since the creation of the organization in 1985. The By-Laws are published in the organization’s membership directory o­n an annual basis. Due to the growth of our organization, it became apparent to the Committee that the By-Laws needed to be amended with respect to the manner in which the Board of Trustees conducts business. When the organization was created in 1985, a small number of Trustees were required to constitute a quorum and to vote o­n the business of the organization. However, in the past fifteen (15) years, as our membership has grown, so has the active participation of Trustees at our regularly scheduled meetings. Thus, the Committee recommended, and the Board of Trustees passed, certain resolutions regarding the number of Trustees that must be present at a meeting to constitute a quorum and the number of Trustees that must vote o­n issues presented at the meetings. The Committee of course welcomes any suggestions from Officers, Trustees or members of our organization regarding our present By-Laws.

Mark H. Friedman (Chair)
Judith B. Fallon
Darren M. Gelber


Mission statement for Municipal Court Committee:  
  1. To collect and make available practitioners' observations about particular municipal court judges, prosecutors, and court administrators;

  2. To suggest and lobby for improvements in the municipal court system; and

  3. To foster increased networking and collegiality amongst municipal court defense lawyers.
Jeffrey E. Gold (Chair)
Stacy Ann Biancamano


The Public Relations Committee coordinates the distribution of newsworthy information about the organization and the activities of its members to public media sources (e.g. TV, newspapers, etc.). It relies upon ACDL members to provide information about their criminal defense activities and important issues confronting the criminal defense bar. Any ACDL-NJ members who wish to post press releases concerning their practice or cases may submit entries for consideration by entering the "Submit News" section of the website. The Association will then consider the suitability of the proposed News posting. We are looking to hear and post information about successful results by our membership as well as significant issues that would be of interest to the Association and its membership.

Darren M. Gelber (Co-Chair)
Sharon Bittner Kean (Co-Chair) 
Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor
Mary Frances Palisano
Judith Fallon
Lois A. DeJulio


The ACDL-NJ has established a website to benefit the membership as well as the community at large. The website is intended to be a source of information as to issues relating to the practice of criminal law and to provide updated information to the membership and public regarding the administration of the criminal justice system.

Joshua C. Gillette (Co-Chair) 
Michael Noriega (Co-Chair)
Joseph J. Russo


Jennifer Mara (Chair)
Leigh-Anne Mulrey


Michael Sullivan (Co-Chair)
Ricardo Solano (Co-Chair)
John A. Azzarello
Linda D. Foster
Joshua C. Gillette
Jennifer Mara
Aidan P. O'Connor
Richard J. Sapinski
Nicholas C. Harbist
Stacy Ann Biancamano