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The ACDL-NJ, through its Amicus Committee, has appeared as amicus curiae ("friend of the court") in nearly every significant criminal case in the New Jersey Supreme Court and the New Jersey Appellate Division, to take positions o­n issues of fundamental importance to the Constitutional rights of criminal defendants. The committee’s work has been highly respected by the legal community, with the New Jersey Supreme Court specifically requesting submission of amicus positions from the ACDL-NJ o­n cases pending before the Court. The ACDL-NJ has filed briefs o­n issues of enormous significance to criminal defendants, including the death penalty, search and seizure, attorney-client confidentiality, forfeiture, and jury instructions. Amicus Committee members have also publicly commented o­n proposed changes to the New Jersey Court Rules and to administrative regulations.

Below are amicus briefs filed by the ACDL-NJ (listed by year of decision). Video of the oral arguments in Supreme Court cases can be found here (and older arguments since 2005 here).
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YearNameIssueAmicus BriefOral ArgumentOpinion
YearNameIssueAmicus BriefOral ArgumentOpinion
2020-05 State v. Lodzinski Requirement that court consider defense evidence of reasonable doubt in deciding motion for judgment of acquittal Amicus Brief  App. Div. Opinion 
2020-05 State v. Jones Whether mere words may constitute a "substantial step" in an attempted murder case Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2020-04 State v. Melvin Use of acquitted conduct found by a judge by a preponderance of evidence to enhance sentence Amicus Brief  App. Div. Opinion 
2020-01 State v. Michael Jackson Scope of cross-examination of a cooperating witness on his/her plea deal and its effect on a defendant's summation Amicus Brief Oral Argument App. Div. Opinion 
2020-01 State v. Mark Jackson, __ N.J. __ (2020) Warrant requirement for access to recorded inmate telephone calls Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2020-01 State ex rel. A.A., 240 N.J. 341 (2020) Was juvenile’s statement to his mother, which was overheard by a police officer before juvenile was read Miranda warnings, admissible at trial Amicus Brief Oral Argument (Part 1 -- Part 2 at ) Opinion 
2020-01 Smith v. United States, 140 S.Ct. 907 (2020) (cert. denied) Admissibility of out-of-court testimonial statements of witness whose unavailability was caused by the Government Amicus Brief  Order Denying Certiorari 
2019-11 State v. Olenowski Admissibility of DRE ("drug recognition expert") evidence Amicus Brief Oral Argument Order Remanding for Frye Hearing 
2019-10-29 State v. Martinez Prosecutor's office's use of body wires on paid informant (anticipated State trial witness) to secretly monitor/record criminal defense attorney's pre-trial interview of informant   App. Div. Opinion 
2019-10-29 In the Matter of Registrant G.H.. 240 N.J. 113 (2019) Retroactive application of amendment barring application for relief from lifetime sex offender registration  Oral Argument Opinion 
2019-10-04 In re Belizaire Grand jury subpoena issued to attorney seeking attorney-client privileged communications   Law Division 10/4/19 Transcript 
2019-08 In re Belizaire Grand jury subpoena issued to attorney seeking attorney-client privileged communications  7-26-19 Hearing Transcript Law Division 8/23/19 Opinion 
2019-07 State v. L.H., 239 N.J. 22 (2019) Voluntariness of a confession when the police make false promises of leniency Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2019-04 State v. Andrews (leave to appeal granted by NJ S Ct 4-30-19) Can defendant be compelled to disclose password to locked cell phone Amicus Brief in support of M for Leave to Appeal Oral Argument (Part 1 -- Part 2 at ) App. Div. Opinion 
2019 State v. Fowler, 239 N.J. 171 (2019) Failure to charge jury on self-defense and lesser-included offenses  Oral Argument Opinion 
2018 State v. Wint, 236 N.J. 174 (2018) Did defendant’s invocation of his Miranda rights when first arrested preclude law enforcement from questioning defendant while he was still incarcerated six months later Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2018 State v Kiriakakis, 235 N.J. 420 (2018) Whether mandatory-minimum period of parole ineligibility is constitutional  Oral Argument Opinion 
2018 State v. J.L.G., 234 N.J. 265 (2018) Admissibility of expert testimony on Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CSAAS)  Oral Argument Opinion 
2018 State v. Cassidy, 235 N.J. 482 (2018) Breath test results produced by Alcotest machines not calibrated using a NIST-traceable thermometer are inadmissible   Opinion 
2018 In re Registrant RJ (App. Div. 2018) Whether judges can make credibility findings based on evidence outside record (witness's testimony from unrelated prior proceeding) Amicus Brief  App. Div. Opinion 
2017 State v. S.S., 229 N.J. 360 (2017) Standard of review of trial court factual findings based solely on video or documentary evidence  Oral Argument Opinion 
2017 State v. Robertson, 228 N.J. 138 (2017) Appropriate standards for a stay of a driver's license suspension in a DWI case Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2017 Lacaze v. State of Louisiana, U.S. Supreme Court No. 16-1125  Amicus Brief in Support of Petition  Order 
2016 State v. Perry, 225 N.J. 222 (2016) Admissibility of evidence under Rape Shield Law to support third-party guilt theory and defense of consent  Oral Argument Opinion 
2016 State v. Lunsford, 226 N.J. 129 (2016) Warrant requirement for phone bills  Oral Argument Opinion 
2016 State v. Hernandez, 225 N.J. 451 (2016) Discovery of cooperating witness impeachment evidence  Oral Argument Opinion 
2015 State v. Witt, 223 N.J. 409 (2015) Automobile exception to the warrant requirement  Oral Argument Opinion 
2015 State v. Pomianek, 221 N.J. 66 (2015) NJ bias-intimidation statute unconstitutionally vague and violates Due Process  Oral Argument Opinion 
2015 State v. Grate, 220 N.J. 317 (2015) Mandatory minimum sentence under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(i) is unconstitutional under Alleyne because based on a judicial finding of fact Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2014 State v. Steele In setting monetary bail, to what extent, if any, may a court consider the threat a defendant poses to the safety of the community Amicus Brief Oral Argument Order (dismissed as improvidently granted) 
2014 State v. Jaffe, 220 N.J.114 (2014) Sentencing court must consider a defendant's relevant post-offense conduct in weighing aggravating and mitigating factors Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2014 State v. Hreha, 217 N.J. 368 (2014) Whether promises of leniency can coerce confessions Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion (after re-argument) 
2014 State v. Hreha, 217 N.J. 368 (2014) Whether promises of leniency can coerce confessions Amicus Brief Re-Argument Opinion (after re-argument) 
2014 State in the Interest of A.B., 219 N.J. 542 (2014) Whether defendant was properly granted access into the sexual assault victim’s home to inspect the crime scene based on his constitutional right to a meaningful opportunity to present a complete defense in light of the crime victim’s rights Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2014 O'Boyle v. Borough of Longport, 218 N.J.168 (2014) Whether documents requested from the Borough are protected from access under the Open Public Records Act because they are protected by the attorney work-product privilege and common interest doctrine  Oral Argument Opinion 
2014 In re State Grand Jury Investigation, 217 N.J. 430 (2014) Should enforcement of grand jury subpoenas seeking defendants’ attorneys’ records in connection with an investigation of defendants’ post-indictment activities await completion of the pending criminal prosecution? Amicus Brief & Supplemental Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2013 State v. Tedesco, 214 N.J. 177 (2013) Authority to compel defendant to be present at sentencing despite waiver of right to be present Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2013 State v. Scoles, 214 N.J. 236 (2013) Discovery in child pornography cases Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2013 State v. Miller, 216 N.J. 40 (2013) Whether denial of adjournment deprived defendant of effective assistance of counsel Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2013 State v. Earls, 214 N.J. 564 (2013) Use of cell phone location info for warrant/plain view exception Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2013 State v. Bishop, 429 N.J. Super. 533 (App. Div. 2013), aff'd without opinion, 223 N.J. 290 (2015) Mandatory parole ineligibility and extended term remain applicable at the time of resentencing   App. Div. Opinion 
2012 State v. Randolph, 210 N.J. 330 (2012) Post-conviction pre-sentence rehabilitation evidence at sentencing Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2012 State v. Harris, 211 N.J. 566 (2012) Suppression in weapons possession case/Prevention of Domestic Violence Act Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2012 State v. Gaitan, 209 N.J. 339 (2012) Retroactive application of Padilla Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2012 State v. Friedman, 209 N.J. 102 (2012) Parole after consecutive NERA terms Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2011 White & Case v. U.S. (U.S. Supreme Court) Whether federal grand jury subpoena trumps civil protective order Amicus Brief  Supreme Court Docket 
2011 State v. W.B., 205 N.J. 588 (2011) Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome expert testimony Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2011 State v. Schmidt, 206 N.J. 71 (2011) DWI: reading of breath test statement Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2011 State v. Rose, 206 N.J. 141 (2011) Res gestae Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2011 State v. Henderson, 208 N.J. 208 (2011) Eyewitness identification Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2010 Stengart v. Loving Care, 201 N.J. 300 (2010) Confidentiality of e-mail with lawyer on work computer Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2010 State v. Marquez, 202 N.J. 485 (2010) DWI: implied consent and refusal statutes Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2010 State v. J.G., 201 N.J. 369 (2010) Cleric/penitent privilege under NJRE 511 Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2009 State v. Pena-Flores, 198 N.J. 6 (2009) Automobile exception to the warrant requirement Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2009 State v. Osorio,199 N.J. 486 (2009) Bias in jury selection Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2009 State v. Nunez-Valdez, 200 N.J. 129 (2009) Ineffective assistance regarding immigration advice Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2009 State v. Cohen (App. Div. 2009) Discovery in child pornography cases Amicus Brief  App. Div. Opinion 
2009 State v. Byrd, 198 N.J. 219 (2009) Forfeiture-by-wrongdoing exception to hearsay rule Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2009 In re State Grand Jury Investigation, 200 N.J. 481 (2009) Employer designated as a grand jury "target" providing and paying for separate counsel for its employees during that grand jury inquiry   Opinion 
2008 State v. Sweet, 195 N.J. 357 (2008) Crawford confrontation right re: breathalyzer in DWI case Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2008 State v. Reid, 194 N.J. 386 (2008) Internet subscribers' reasonable expectation of privacy in identity Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2008 State v. Cottle, 194 N.J. 449 (2008) Conflict where attorney prosecuted by same prosecutor as client Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2008 State v. Chun, 194 N.J. 54 (2008) DWI: accuracy and reliability of Alcotest breathalyzer Amicus Brief Oral Argument (see also Opinion 
2008 State ex rel. J.A., 195 N.J. 324 (2008) Hearsay and Sixth Amendment confrontation right Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2007 State v. Meyer, 192 N.J. 421 (2007) Access to county drug court programs Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2007 State v. Dispoto, 189 N.J. 108 (2007)  Re-administration of Miranda warnings following pre-custodial warnings Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2006 State v. Webster, 187 N.J. 254 (2006) Duty of PCR counsel to argue pro se claims Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2006 State v. Morrison, 188 N.J. 2 (2006) Holding evidence insufficient to convict for distribution of narcotics where individuals involved have joint possession   Opinion 
2006 State v. Moore, 188 N.J. 182 (2006) Hypnotically-refreshed testimony inadmisible at criminal trials Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2006 State v. Jimenez, 188 N.J. 390 (2006) Procedures to be followed when capital defendant raises a claim of mental retardation Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2006 State v. Dunlap, 185 N.J. 543 (2006) Search incident to arrest/automobile exception Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2006 State v. Delgado, 188 N.J. 48 (2006) Police must record out-of-court identification procedures Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2006 State v. Berezansky, 386 N.J. Super. 84 (App. Div. 2006), appeal dismissed, 196 N.J. 82 (2008) Crawford confrontation right re: BAC in DWI case Amicus Brief Oral Argument App. Div. Opinion 
2005 State v. Natale ("Natale II"), 184 N.J. 458 (2005) Presumptive terms eliminated to comply with Blakely v. Washington Amicus Brief Oral Argument Opinion 
2005 State v. Franklin, 184 N.J. 516 (2005) Imposition of sentence beyond statutory maximum based on judicial factfinding violated Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights under Apprendi    Opinion 
2005 State v. Feaster, 184 N.J. 235 (2005) Prosecutor's threat to prosecute witness for perjury if he testified in defendant's favor deprived defendant of critical witness   Opinion 
2004 State v. Reiner, 180 N.J. 307 (2004) DWI: 2d-offender school zone penalty Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2004 State v. Cook, 179 N.J. 533 (2004) Established committee to make recommendations re: use of electronic audio and video recording of custodial interrogations Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2004 In re Seelig, 180 N.J. 234 (2004) Lawyer's ethical duties to disclose information to court   Opinion 
2003 State v. Rivera, 175 N.J. 612 (2003) Hearsay statement by co-defendant to police officers at time of arrest so inherently unreliable that its admission violated defendant's right to confrontation   Opinion 
2003 State v. Natale ("Natale I"), 178 N.J. 51 (2003) Constitutionality of No Early Release Act ("NERA") Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2003 State v. Goodwin, 173 N.J. 583 (2003) Whether second petition for post-conviction relief barred by Rule 3:22-12   Opinion 
2003 State v. A.G.D. Waiver of Miranda rights invalid if State fails to inform suspect that criminal complaint or arrest warrant has been filed or issued   Opinion 
2002 State v. Stott, 171 N.J. 343 (2002) Unreasonable searches in hospital/self-incrimination Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2002 State v. Carty, 170 N.J. 632 (2002) Consent search of motor vehicles Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2001-05 State v. Allah, 170 N.J. 269 (2002) (reply) Failure to raise double jeopardy defense prior to trial ineffective Reply Brief  Opinion 
2001-04 State v. Allah, 170 N.J. 269 (2002) Failure to raise double jeopardy defense prior to trial ineffective Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2001 State v. Williams, 169 N.J. 349 (2001) Decedent's statement admissible as declaration against penal interest  Amicus Brief  Opinion 
2000 In re Proportionality Review Project (II), 165 N.J. 206 (2000) Proportionality phase of death penalty review   Opinion 
1999 State v. Collier, 162 N.J. 27 (1999) Where other-crimes evidence is otherwise admissible but involves inflammatory and unduly prejudicial facts, evidence must be sanitized as necessary to accommodate both State's right to establish fact in issue and defendant's right to fair trial   Opinion 
1998 State v. Branch, 155 N.J. 317 (1998) Defendant may not be convicted of felony murder without fair notice, at time of trial, of predicate felony used to satisfy requirements of felony-murder statute   Opinion 
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