ACDL-NJ Listserv

The ACDL-NJ's award-winning Listserv is intended for members to freely exchange questions, answers, requests for assistance, sample briefs and motions, updates on criminal case law, and other information related to criminal law matters. The ACDL-NJ's "Appellate Highlights" (a summary of key recent criminal appellate decisions) will be circulated here, along with other timely updates on criminal law and procedure. 

ACDL-NJ members can circulate questions to the listserv by sending email to, which is automatically sent to all members, who can reply via email. These emails and replies (with any attachments) are also automatically posted as topic threads in the Google Group here, which serves as an archive where members can browse or search past posts.  To log in to the Google Group in order to browse or search past posts, you must first follow the instructions here.